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I hadn't seen a dentist or doctor in around 11 years but from the first phone call and appointment with Dr. Swiderski's office I felt comfortable and safe, not only with his office staff, but with him and the procedure that needed done. I really never expected to be needing my teeth cut out of my gums and drilled just for this procedure as I thought in time they would grow out, so when they didn't I was terrified that I needed such an invasive procedure. After a lot of childhood trauma in medical settings, it was no easier preparing myself for surgery until I encountered Dr Swiderski and his team. I've never felt safer or more cared for by medical professionals and for once in my life I didn't even feel the needle for general anesthesia as it went in thanks to the ethyl chloride spray! I have a lot of phobias, but this team made them easy to face. I wish I could go back to this team for every medical procedure I ever needed, so I can say without a doubt if I do ever need any oral surgery again this would be the place I come to. I never even felt a thing until I was taking ibuprofen to ease the swelling 5 hours after the surgery once feeling finally returned and I could swallow properly. I've never encountered anyone better and I always, rather embarrassingly, brag about it to my friends who need this procedure, right before I recommend his team. If you're gonna go anywhere go with these guys! They'll not only make you feel safe and comfortable, even when you have a lot of questions, but they'll make the procedure seem easy in all their experience. I never had a serious problem when all was said and done, yet they still let me come in just for a checkup a week later. They answered all my questions without making me feel ashamed and best of all they did an amazing job!!

- Braden W

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    Thanks so much for the review Braden. We truly appreciate your kind words and feedback. Would it be possible for you to also post your review on Google as well? This is a link to our Google page:


    Stacy S, Office Manager