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I'm only ever here when I have something catastrophic going on with my teeth (stating the obvious), and this last time it was a very infected tooth where the infection was taking out bone, affecting my sinuses, etc. I was a mess, because my teeth hate me. Dr. Swiderski told me that TWO teeth needed to be pulled, because the one next to Bad Tooth was loose (fine, just a little) and the infection had basically caused too much bone loss. As is my way, I tried to air a grievance about this, noting that my Googling was surely as good as Dr. Swiderski's several advanced degrees and his prestigious residency at the Mayo Clinic. Perhaps not surprisingly, I was shot down, albeit nicely considering I was of course talking nonsense. All of the assistants are wonderful too, as I kept warning them that "I'm a baby about this stuff" and "it takes a lot of novocaine to work" and making the sad face of dread. Oh, and the x-ray apparatus they have is very high-tech! Regular plates hurt my mouth because I have mandibular tori (which I didn't even know weren't normal until I was an adult), but here they have a whirring machine that rotates and magically takes x-rays. So, the point. This was a complicated dental surgery because so much of the bone was eaten away and it involved two teeth and I'm a wimp about anything dental-related....but I'll have to go back for follow up and probably bone grafting, and I actually don't dread it. That's how nice everyone there is, and how hard they work to make sure this is as pain-free as possible, so much unlike the root canal sadistic nightmares of my youth. It's also nice of Dr. Swiderski to check in the evening of surgery to make sure we're doing okay. Overall, if you need dental surgery, I highly recommend Dr. Swiderski and crew!

- Tasha H

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  • Mid-Valley Oral, Maxillofacial & Implant Surgery:

    Hi Tasha. Thank you so much for kind review. We truly appreciate it. We were wondering if you might also be willing to post a review on Google if you are able? We are happy to email you a link to help with this. Our phone is 503-581-0223. Thanks so much.

    Stacy S.